The 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 at Sunrise

A quick glance at why the 2014 Corvette Stingray is America’s best performance car and a looker as well.

The new 2014 Corvette Stingray has been praised, admired, reviewed countless times, modified and has signaled a new over-powering of the sports car field by one of America’s most famous. It’s beautiful, aggressive, exotic, fast, agile and the most bang for your buck, period. So when we got offered to once again take the Stingray out for a romp to one of our favorite testing locations, we couldn’t pass it up.

It is one of the best sports cars out today, and possibly ever. The fact of just how much power it makes and the way it delivers induces a presence on the road that you can’t deny once you plant your foot down on the throttle. Yet it still retains that brute force of an American V8 that you expect and the finesse of a car that can handle the racetrack or the highway. The 6.2L LT1 V8 small block, now in its 5th generation, is stout, reliable and will deliver surprising fuel economy. If you would’ve told us 10 years ago a 460 horsepower V8 would get 29 MPGs we’d slap the booze out of your hand. But now it seems like standard fare for the Chevy king: big power and great fuel economy. And this is all with the Z51 performance pack, which includes performance suspension, a limited slip differential, bigger slotted brakes and wheels among other enhancements.

So, with this velocity yellow example, RIDES’ photo director Andrew Link and I decided to get up at four in the morning and make the most of a perfect (albeit freezing cold) morning where we’d have free reign to explore the power of the new Corvette. Cold tarmac and cold tires made for some fun sideways drifts and a high-speed run, though the Corvette is so well balanced it was actually tough to maintain a power slide since it always wanted to correct itself as fast as possible.

With the Corvette reinventing itself as America’s top sports car, there’s no question the new 2014 Stingray will cement the fact that there’s no better option out there if you’re looking for an almost perfect performance option.

Base MSRP: $53,800
Price as tested: $71,960
Fuel Economy: 17 city, 29 hwy
Power: 460hp, 465 lb.-ft (with optional performance exhaust)

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