1973 Chevy Caprice: Sittin’ Pretty

Sweet pix for your screen.

Click the image for a full-size version.

Photography: Andrew Link

8 Responses to “1973 Chevy Caprice: Sittin’ Pretty”

  1. Quenton Temoney

    This is the nastiest hold up… AND I QUOTE! THE NASTIEST donk eveeeeeeeer! the forgiatos dont make it nasty.. that paint dont make it nasty.. but 632 cubic inches of chevrolet big block n***a! Thats what killed the game completly! By far the most well rounded donk i have ever seen.. Simply gorgeous..

  2. black

    man dat bitch nasty i like da drop top i got a 84 box chevy painted all black wit black 26s on it da guts all black to u no i had to do all black to rep dat shit i claim GZ up but i ben tryin to put my shit on there so i can show off my all chrom 450


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