The Ringbrothers’ ‘Espionage’ Ford Mustang (Pics & Video)

Last year we showed you this fine ride in its birthday suit, now check it out fully complete!

Photos: Andrew Link / Ringbrothers 

Last November, the RIDES crew ventured to Wisconsin to shoot cars for the inaugural issue of Pro Touring. While visiting the famous Ringbrothers in Spring Green, Wisconsin we had the opportunity to check one of the most amazing Mustangs we’d ever seen. Before our eyes was a carbon fiber 1965¬†Mustang shell with a supercharged LSx sitting in the engine bay! Even though Ford purists may cringe at this frankenstein, it only excites true car lovers like us. At SEMA 2015, the Rings finally unveiled their amazing Mustang fully completed and with a fitting name: Espionage. Check out the finished photos above and watch Jay Leno take it out for a spin below!


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