Watch a Ford Fiesta Transform…Into A Transformer

UK-based designer turns his first ever car, a Ford Fiesta, into a Transformer sculpture.

Fiesta Transformer 1988-2013 from Hetain Patel on Vimeo.

Everyone loves their first car. What’s not to love? It created a sense of freedom and ownership in a hunk of metal, and possibly, created the love affair you have for cars right now. Designer Hetain Patel from the UK brought together his love for his first car, a 1988 Ford Fiesta and Transformers the toys, which almost every kid has at one time or another played with. Hetain created this 11 minute time-lapse to show the process, as well as before and after, of his recently purchased ’88 Fiesta. He also adds some insight into the process; it seems mostly everything he created was made up as he went along. If only it were that easy with project cars.

Which begs the question: what was your first car and would you turn it into a Transformer?

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