Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six

Watch the man who took over San Francisco last year and start a genre all its own, make this obstacle course his b*tch.

For the newest installment of gymkhana, Ken Block—rally racer, extreme driver and badass dude—takes over an airport and sets up his own playhouse in Gymkhana Six: Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course. This is six plus minutes of pure envy, visual stimulation and jealously of the ultimate kind. Dude has mad skills and showcases them in this action-packed feature with his Ford Fiesta RX43; a highly modified racecar making north of 600 horsepower. Donuts around Lambos, a spiked mace dangling from a construction crane and two somewhat suicidal volunteers on Segways offer a serious wow factor.

There’s a lot of ways to waste a few minutes, but this may be the best.

And if you got major time to kill, check out last year’s version in San Francisco— Gymkhana Five: The Ultimate Urban Playground. You won’t be disappointed.