You Won’t Believe Where The Steering Wheel Is In This Nissan Patrol (w/Video)

And good luck figuring out why.

When it comes to car mods, moving a car’s steering wheel and pedals ranks pretty high on the complication scale. Changing a car from left-hand-drive to right-hand-drive takes loads of time, skill and cash—but if you’re looking for a change that’ll really set your car apart (or give it that authentic JDM/British look). But the crew at King of Customs Garage in Dubai have taken things to the next level with this Nissan Patrol SUV.

Because they’ve put the steering wheel in the back seat.

Specifically, in the center of the back seat. For this one-off Nissan Patrol, the rear seat’s been yanked out and replaced with a single centrally-mounted captain’s chair; the gauges are on the driver’s right behind the passenger’s seat, and instead of side view mirrors, there are TV screens attached to rear-facing cameras in the backs of the front seats.

We gotta give King of Customs Garage points for creativity, but then we gotta subtract most of them for . In a full-out custom show car, the rear-seat driving position might be just the piece de resistance to put it over the top—but on an otherwise stock Nissan, it just seems weird. At least give it that crazy turbo treatment people in the Middle East like to do to their Nissan Patrols…

[Shout-out to YouTube!]

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