Rick Ross “Box Chevy” Official Video

Here it is; The official video (in the form of a short film) for Rick Ross's new track. Check out his selection of whips. Are they dope, or wack?


A month ago we analyzed the behind-the-scenes video for Rozay’s “Box Chevy” video, and got a lot of feedback from everyone. Here’s the official video, and we still aren’t impressed. No hate to Rick Ross (we agree he’s the boss of hip-hop, after all), but come on, if you’re gonna call the song “Box Chevy,” you need to back it up. As we mentioned before, the Box Chevys he features in this video are decent, but they’re just small things compared to the giants we feature in RIDES Magazine. Seriously Ross, hit us up for your next video if you want the realest and illest Boxes out there. That’s what we do.

Check out the video, peep the lyrics, tell us your opinions!

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