Buick Regal On Forgiato Grassetto Wheels

Rapper Gunplay drives a mean G-Body Regal in his "Pyrex" music video, and it ain't no joke. Here's the breakdown.

We stumbled upon this music video by Gunplay, and his whip (most-likely isn’t actually his, but he drives it like he owns it in the video) caught our attention pretty quickly. G-Bodies don’t seem to be very common in the limelight, so it’s always refreshing to see a tasteful Regal with a lot of work done to it. Gunplay spotted one here.

Our boy WhipsByWade shot this car a while back, see the photos in the gallery above just to get a better look at the whip. It’s a Buick Regal with 30-inch Forgiato Grassetto wheels, Forgiato grille and steering wheel. The whole interior is completely rebuilt with fiberglass! Check out the video below for all the details in high-definition.

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