Chevy Shows Off The 2014 Corvette Stingray’s Interior (w/Video)

Here's hoping it's as good in person as it looks in this film.

Chevrolet’s Corvette has long been one of our favorite whips, thanks to its combination of raw American V8 grunt, incredible handling, dope style, and ability to do burnouts on command. But if Corvettes have one weakness…it’s their guts. The interior of a Corvette has never quite lived up to the drama of its motor or its styling, and while we appreciate them being economical and puttin’ money towards performance parts instead of all-lux everything insides, we wouldn’t mind something a bit nicer.

Luckily, for the seventh-generation car, the Corvette is scoring a new, upgraded interior, and they’re showing it off with a (slightly artsy) black and white video. We’re gonna save our final judgement until we see (and sit in) the actual car, but for now, it definitely looks like a step up from the old car. Check out the video below.

[via Chevrolet on YouTube]

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