Cincinnati Cracking The Whip On Whips With Big Rims

No warning, just straight to the impound lot.

Here’s something almost sure to raise your blood pressure: the city of Cincinnati has begun towing off and impounding cars simply because they’re rolling on big wheels. Worse yet, the move reportedly came with no warning from the city.

Cincinnati officials claim the big rims could be dangerous, and as such want to subject cars with such wheels to sudden, unexpected inspections…in the security of the police impound lot, of course. If the ride in question is deemed unsafe, owners will have to fork over a fine, pay the impound fee, and on top of that, have their car towed from the lot.

Ask us, owners of ill whips already have to worry too much about their cars being boosted, without expecting the po-po to jack their rides without warning. Cincinnati, chill out, and stop discriminating against the big-wheeled! [Shout-out to Jalopnik!]

8 Responses to “Cincinnati Cracking The Whip On Whips With Big Rims”

  1. Bama

    I wonder is they’re taking the white boys trucks that look like monster trucks… I seen on the news where a dude ran a lady over because he couldnt see here.. this is nothing but racial profiling

  2. Ryan

    And people wonder why we don’t like the police anything to discriminate, I wish a muthafucka would

  3. ice

    straight up racism, bama is right they would never bother some crackas riding around in these huge trucks with mud tires with high lift kits. this is flat out robbing and stealing, dont be surprised if you see some cincinnati cops end up getting shot, cant say i would feel sorry for them either. you dont provoke people like this

  4. hookhousebeatz

    if this aint some bullshit, i dont know what is!!!!!! go get the white boys in the lifted trucks too!!!!!

  5. lando

    I live here in the nati and cpd is not playing,i seen a dud get his ride taken and he only had 2,s on it!. the nati is just thirsty for money so they use a law that has been on the books for about 30years, and now in 2011 want to start to use it!.


    Racial profiling, really? Ya’ll are a bunch of dumb sum bitches. Since when do only “white boys” drive lifted trucks and “other races” are the only ones that are riding whips with big rims?

  7. White boy ern

    Yo. I’m from the 513. And not only black folk got donks. The law is whack but so far they ain’t got me and I’m on 2s so y’all and the pigs are racist (stop the hate buy a crate). Shiiitin on niggas peace nati

    • Robbie D

      ok its dumb ass comments that gets you dumbass crybabys thrown in jail got me ? and its not racist its just a eye sore to see some hoopty rolling around on gay ass chrome wheels!!! And the lifted mud trucks so the F…k what . im sticking with titan8or if you dont like the laws of the lad get the f…k out!!!


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