Cincinnati Cracking The Whip On Whips With Big Rims

No warning, just straight to the impound lot.

Here’s something almost sure to raise your blood pressure: the city of Cincinnati has begun towing off and impounding cars simply because they’re rolling on big wheels. Worse yet, the move reportedly came with no warning from the city.

Cincinnati officials claim the big rims could be dangerous, and as such want to subject cars with such wheels to sudden, unexpected inspections…in the security of the police impound lot, of course. If the ride in question is deemed unsafe, owners will have to fork over a fine, pay the impound fee, and on top of that, have their car towed from the lot.

Ask us, owners of ill whips already have to worry too much about their cars being boosted, without expecting the po-po to jack their rides without warning. Cincinnati, chill out, and stop discriminating against the big-wheeled! [Shout-out to Jalopnik!]