2016 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe | DRIVEN

Beauty and a BEAST.

Photos & Words: Evan M. Yates

Exterior: Stunning. Awe-inspiring. Gorgeous. All applicable terms to describe the F-Type R’s appearance although even those may not be doing such an amazing vehicle justice. Jaguar has mastered the art of combining uber luxury with performance and a bit of muscle all in one amazing package. First and foremost, Glacier White may just be the perfect color for such a fine vehicle. The hue is intriguing because in certain lighting conditions it looks almost like a soft grey and in others it appears brilliant white. I’m not sure exactly sure how Jaguar pulled that off but it’s impressive. To complement the Glacier White body, my particular test car came equipped with the optional carbon fiber roof that’ll set you back a cool $3200 but certainly looks amazing while saving you a little weight. The body kit on the F-Type R is a thing of beauty giving it a hint of supercar. Another clever feature are the deployable door handles that pop out of the body upon pressing the unlock button on the key fob. Speaking of deployable, the rear spoiler pops up at 70 mph and makes the car look even more impressive while flying down the highway. The Black Pack option also eliminates all chrome which is ideal for a white vehicle. The most expensive optional package that you can’t help but notice are those bright yellow calipers and the forged alloy 20-inch wheels. How much of an upgrade? $12,000. Either way you slice it, Jaguar has managed to make a vehicle that looks about as good as luxury sports coupe can get regardless of price.

Interior: Inside this brilliant automotible is a subtle, yet handsome interior that does its job effortlessly. The Jet black 14-way power adjustable performance seats are bolstered well enough for an intense ride but also quite comfortable for a daily commute. The cockpit is geared towards the driver with the race-inspired, flat-bottom steering wheel and performance gauges. The Suedecloth Interior Pack for the F-Type R also enhances the overall racing vibe and is soft to the touch.

A/V: The infotainment unit utilized in the F-Type R featuring an eight-inch touchscreen has been around for a couple of years but that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly functional. Jaguar doesn’t try and overwhelm you with too many graphics and buttons and the 770-watt Meridian sound system is crystal clear. iPhone integration is a also breeze and the built-in navigation system works quite well.

Performance: Even if F-Type R were as ugly as the Pontiac Aztek, it would still be worth (almost) every penny due to it’s astounding performance features. The 550 HP 5.0L supercharged V8 under the hood propels you down the block scampering to 60 mph in under four seconds all while it barks songs of automotive harmony via the switchable active exhaust. The F-Type R is also equipped with Torque Vectoring technology that finds the perfect balance between braking on the inside rear wheel while adding more power to the outside rear wheel, ultimately aiding in enhanced steering response. The F-Type R is also equipped with instinctive all wheel drive, adaptive dynamics suspension and an electronic active differential. What all that means is the F-Type R helps you harness all of 550 horses, ultimately aiding you in confidently pushing the Jaguar to its limits. Whether you’re flying down your favorite highway or carving windy mountain roads, the Jaguar excels at it all and does it with a smile. The aforementioned, optional carbon ceramic brakes which come with the Carbon Ceramic Matrix Braking System make sure that anyone can bring this big cat to a screeching halt just in case all that power gets a little out of hand.

Final Verdict: The famous Jaguar commercials are certainly spot-on; you feel like a badass villain wherever you go in the F-Type R and every single second behind the wheel is as if you’re in a blockbuster film. People stop to ask what type of car it is, take pictures and even shake your hand for the experience and that’s all before you get to the office in the morning. 


Damage: $123,495.00

Power: 550 hp, ft lb

0-60: 3.5 sec

Gas Cash: 18 MPG (combined) 

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