2016 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe | DRIVEN

Most attractive sub-$100k coupe, ever?


Photos & Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Exterior: In one word; stunning. Absolutely stunning. I could easily drop the mic and walk off the stage at this point but seeing that I’m downright giddy about this vehicle’s appearance, I’ll continue. The F-Type coupe carries itself like a $300k car and is gorgeous from every angle. The fierce, yet classy front fascia, the curvaceous rear end and the synergy in which all the sexy bodylines come together makes the F-Type Coupe irresistible. (It kind of sounds like I just described Beyoncé, no?) Although subdued, the Ammonite Gray hue gives the F-Type an extra hint of elegance but I can’t imagine a color it wouldn’t look great adorned in. The F-Type Coupe knows exactly what is and is comfortable in its own skin. It’s not a luxury car posing as a muscle car and it’s not a sports car with a couple extra bells and whistles. It’s exactly what is seems to be; a gorgeous, luxurious, refined performance vehicle that is certainly worth every penny. Regardless of the price point, this is one of the best looking coupes ever produced by any manufacturer.

Interior: Inside the F-Type Coupe is a balanced mix of luxury, function and performance.  Everything is black, everything is supple to the touch and everything seems to be positioned precisely. There aren’t an overwhelming amount of bells and whistles (something that bothers me about some luxury car brands) and nothing is a distraction. Inside, you’re comfortable and focused on the driving experience and that’s the point. The 14-way adjustable seats are also pretty sweet, as the bolsters and lumbar seem infinitely adaptable to your driving position.

A/V: The 770-watt Meridian sound system is pretty decent although lacked bass response on certain type of songs. I’ve always praised Jaguar for their touch screen infotainment system due to its simplicity and ease of use and the F-Type definitely fits that description as well.   The optional Premium Vision Pack is a must in a car with such low and wide dimensions and comes with a blind spot monitor, front and rear parking sensors and rear widescreen camera.

Performance: This particular version of the F-Type S coupe comes equipped with a 380 HP supercharged V6 that will certainly scoot. My particular model came equipped with a six-speed manual transmission that made the experience all the more enjoyable. In regards to the transmission itself, the shifts were effortless, smooth and at times didn’t even feel like a manual transmission in the traditional sense whatsoever. I wouldn’t call driving the F-Type a gear-banging visceral experience and honestly, I wouldn’t wish for that in a car like this and neither would the hot girl you (hopefully) have riding in the passenger seat. And even though the supercharged V6 is stout, it won’t pin you to your seat like the more-expensive R version of the F-Type. You could make an argument that 380 HP is the ideal amount of ponies for such a vehicle. Also, the switchable active sport exhaust system is quite a neat idea, as you don’t always want to wake the neighbors at 2 am.

Floss Factor: If you take into account that you get a thumbs up at every stop light, pictures taken of it in the parking lot and everyone thinks you’re driving around an Aston Martin that costs three times the price, I’d say it doesn’t get much better than the Jaguar F-Type Coupe.


Damage: $94,595.00

Power: 380 hp, 339 lb-ft

0-60: 4.5 (est)

Gas Cash: 18 MPG (combined)

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