2015 Lexus LS460L | DRIVEN

Long and lovely!

Photos & Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Exterior: I have to commend Lexus for the exterior of the LS because they kept it simple and didn’t try to do more than they need to. Lexus doesn’t exactly attempt to be the most daring or stylish but the LS is so darn clean and classy it’s hard not to absolutely love it. The LS460L is a long, large sedan that is quite content with its unassuming facade. The ‘Liquid Platinum’ silver hue my test vehicle wore so confidently is probably the most fitting shade as it compliments the subtle curves of the LS and contrasts the chrome just enough.

Interior: Here is where the LS shines. Even though the exterior could be viewed as ‘vanilla’, the interior is absolutely awesome. Per Lexus’ status quo, everything is ergonomically perfect and everything you touch is constructed of premium materials. The cockpit is visually pleasing and the driving position is down right perfect. The interior boasts a nice balance of black leather and woodgrain and all the dials and knobs are premium and in the correct locations. The rear cabin is equipped with the $16,400 Executive-Class option which gives you reclining seats, Blu-ray player and a pretty cool center console. This package also gets you rear power reclining seats, an ottoman and even massagers. Although this option makes for a very sweet experience and a great conversation piece, unless you’re Harvey from Suits you probably won’t be buying an LS460 to be driven in so save yourself the $16k and uncheck this particular box.

A/V: The 12.3-inch, high-resolution split-screen multimedia display is absolutely marvelous. It’s widescreen makes it very easy to view necessary information and there’s even a little ‘shelf’ in front of it that I used to set my keys and phone on. The Mark Levinson sound system is a proven performer even though I would have liked a little more bass response.  The Remote Touch ‘mouse’ makes it simple to navigate through the menus and is much more convenient than reaching up and touching a screen.

Performance: The performance isn’t really much to brag about but I don’t think it was intended to wow anyone. The car is quite large and at times the 4.6 liter V8 seemed to struggle compared to other six-figure sedans as the acceleration isn’t exactly effortless or smooth. That being said, the ride is quite comfortable and on the highway the LS drives like a dream.

Floss Factor: The LS460L is certainly attractive but can get lost in the crowd as well. You’re definitely not buying this vehicle to shut down the parking lot but you will certainly get ‘the nod’ from those who appreciate a fine automobile and sometimes that means the most.

Damage: $100,805.00
Power: 386 hp, 367 lb-ft
0-60:  5.4 sec
Gas Cash: 19 MPG* (combined)
*We got less.

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