2015 Mercedes-Benz E400 Cabriolet | DRIVEN

Absolutely smooth sailing at all times.

Photos & Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Exterior:  Even though it can be a bit hard to tell on this Lunar Blue exterior, the sharp angles and aggressive styling cues are a very attractive. (I bet this car looks GREAT in pearl white or silver, by the way.) The front fascia in particular gets more handsome every time you look at it especially with the updated headlights and their sleek LED appointments. From the profile view, the crisp creases in the body continue as there’s a significant and sexy imprint that leads to some wide hips almost reminiscent of a custom widebody kit. The optional 18-inch AMG wheels are attractive but not over the top and certainly suitable for the potential owner of this car. I’d love to see 19s but that’s just the custom car guy in me. The blue cloth top looks as good as it can while up but as to be expected, it’s the least attractive feature of the car. Thankfully, it only rained once during my time with the E400 cabrio so I had the top down plenty.

Interior: Mercedes interiors are getting more and more attractive each year and I definitely enjoyed my seat time in the E400. The seats were comfortable and suitably bolstered at the same time and the Deep Sea Blue / Silk Beige leather combo added that special touch. The sport steering wheel was comfortable in any situation and the center console (and the engineering behind it) was appreciated. The only knock I can give the interior is there aren’t many places to put things like cell phones and keys, especially when you have a couple bottled waters on hand.

A/V: The COMAND system was by far one of the easiest systems to navigate that utilizes a separate controller as opposed to being touchscreen. The knob was prominently placed where it needed to be and toggling between albums on my iPhone and SiriusXM satellite radio was a breeze. Also, shout out to Mercedes for having the iPhone 5/6 cable (optional) in the glove compartment! Also, the Parking Assist Package came in handy and the E400 has one of most sharp, detailed camera systems on the market.

Performance: The twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 mated to the seven-speed automatic transmission makes for one of the most gentle and effortless rides on the planet. Not once did the car feel heavy or sluggish and the car accelerated and cornered with ease. It should also be noted that the ECO Start/Stop system has the quickest ‘recovery times’ I’ve tested thus far. It’s very responsive and intuitive which really helps not only conserve fuel, but help to keep you sane.

Floss Factor: No matter how you slice it, you can’t beat a convertible. Does this particular cabriolet look more suited for my parents? Of course. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a blast cruising this ‘vert around town as if it were my pride and joy.

Damage: $72,930.00

Power: 329 hp, 354 lb-ft

0-60: 5.3 sec

Gas Cash: 24 MPG (combined)

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