2014 Land Rover Range Rover LWB | Driven

We took the ultra-luxrious Range Rover L on an interesting excursion in the hills.

Photos & Story: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

The Range Rover has always been the go-to choice for pampered housewives, professional athletes and doctors as the rest of us watch as they rapidly traverse past us in traffic as if they’re on an entirely different road all together. And after getting behind the wheel of this $122k SUV, that arrogance seems to be slightly warranted as this may just be the nicest SUV on the planet.

In addition to my typical suburban testing grounds, I decided to take the long wheel base Rover up to the North Georgia mountains not only because it’s a six-figure luxury vehicle but more importantly to gauge how worthy this machine is of its price tag. At first glance, the Range Rover L looks HUGE – long for sure, but massive in general compared to other Rovers. The extra eight inches the L version receives really seems to amplify all the dimensions collectively. Upon entry, the cockpit is traditional Land Rover and everything you grasp is of the finest quality. And as it is luxurious for sure, it still has an industrial, modern trucker feel that can only be truly experienced from behind the wheel.  The second row of seating seems as if it’s ten feet behind you. Multiple passengers commented that they had the most legroom in ANY vehicle they had ever been chauffeured in.  I honestly can’t think of a luxury vehicle of any sort outside of a Rolls-Royce Phantom that has this much rear legroom. Needless to say, I was a hit at football practices and accepted my Football Dad role with grace as I picked up and dropped off cornerbacks and quarterbacks alike. The amenities are countless, from the two-piece tailgate that opens and CLOSES with a touch of the key fob to the glass panel panoramic sunroof that when open, somehow makes the cabin space seem even that much more noticeable.  The exterior is pretty standard and although the extra-long rear door is necessary, it almost takes away from the overall flow of the vehicle. There is such thing as being TOO long.

Our trip to the mountains was both eventful and uneventful for the proper reasons. When pulling out into traffic or passing on the highway, the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 propelled the luxury sled with easy and finesse while still possessing a grunt of power and slightly noticeable blower whine if you really pushed the limits. Once out of the metropolitan area, you really start to realize how special a vehicle like the Range Rover actually is. This sentiment is echoed once crossing into the Blue Ridge Mountains where American trucks are plentiful. Admittedly, we looked like a bunch of lost yuppies in the Range rover and we were perfectly fine with that stigma. On our travels North, we decided to take advantage of the vehicle’s DVD system, which was controlled by the front monitor and displayed also to headrest-mounted monitors as well. The control system was impressive as you could control individual screens from the front or even put it in limo mode and do your own thing while the rear passengers do theirs.

All in all, even though the price tag is more than a modest townhouse in the Northern Atlanta suburbs, every last penny is warranted, as the Land Rover Range Rover  is everything one could ever imagine in a luxury SUV.



Damage: $122, 770.00

Power: 510hp, 461 lb.-ft.

0-60: 5.1 secs.

Gas Cash: 13 City, 19 Hwy

Miles Driven: 500

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