2013 Chevrolet Spark

The Chevy Spark was carefully crafted for the smart and savvy youth of the nation.

Story: Rey Fries

Model Tested: 2LT Manual

Rating: 4

The Chevy Spark has two distinct floss factors: 1) it’s totally innovative as far as looks and style go, and 2) it has an intriguing way of working with the driver.

The guts are original and cool, without a doubt. The gauge bezel pops out like we’ve never seen before and the exterior paint flows right into the inside as well, transitioning flawlessly from the outside in. There are small storage compartments located in numerous spots around the car—in the doors, on the front dash panel. They keep things organized and prevent passengers from leaving anything on the floor or on the back seat. Conveniently placed below the dash controls, you’ll find a USB port and the Chevrolet MyLink allows you to plug in your favorite music playlists or even watch a movie on the color touch-screen.

With 84 horsepower, you can bet your life savings it won’t be too fast to handle. On the other hand, it certainly isn’t too slow, either. Chevy seemed to have found that 84 horsepower is the ideal sweet spot to give you the perfect amount of pull that you want while using this whip as your daily driver. Another driver-friendly feature is the Hill Start Assist. Hill starts can be intimidating for most of us, but fear no more, because the Spark has a built-in mechanism that makes sure the car doesn’t roll backward immediately after releasing the brake.

It’s safe to say the Spark is a small subcompact, so parking is a breeze just about anywhere on the map. We’ve all had those days, desperately seeking a parking spot in the neighborhood, but each car is taking up two spaces and the distance between them is just a few inches too short to fit your whip. Cop a 2013 Spark and kiss those days good bye, because it isn’t even 145 inches in length. With 38 highway mpg, it’s cheap to fill the tank and it rarely needs to be done.

Just when you were ready to complain about the typical annoyances of regular driving and parking, Chevrolet answers – with the Spark. Buy one and rest assured.

Damage: $15,795

Power: 84hp, 83 lb.-ft

0-60: 10.5 secs.

Gas Cash: 32 city, 38 highway

Miles Driven: 300

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