2012 Range Rover Evoque

This baby Range may be young, but it's no chump.

Story: Michael Crenshaw

Model tested: Coupe

Rating 6 out of 6

“Evoque” is the best name Land Rover could’ve bestowed upon its newest Range family member. The Evoque evokes an unfamiliar sensation for the Range brand: Gone are the hard, blocky edges of the Range Rover, Rover Sport, LR4 and LR2. Instead, they’re replaced with sleek, masculine and aerodynamic cues. The Evoque is the best-looking SUV out—hands down. Around any major city or hood, it’s going to attract major attention. So much so, you might want to inquire about personal bodyguards keeping the question askers back.

The term “SUV” can be used lightly. For one, this doesn’t drive like a towering behemoth; rather, imagine what a sports car with a bigger body would do. Mash down the pedal and set a blistering course through the neighborhood with ease, ’cause this cat has claws bigger than you’d think. Don’t expect to pack much, though—this ’ute is deficient in the cargo region, especially with the coupe variant. But this is an exercise in form over function, and we’re cool with the fact that you need a degree in packing to use it efficiently.

Range Rover made a smart move adopting Jaguar’s pop-up transmission dial selector, because it gives the already sophisticated cabin an air of polished finishing that is exclusive to a select few automobiles. The eight-inch touchscreen is effortless to use and allows all of the Evoque’s systems to be displayed with crystal clear clarity. Throw in the optional 825-watt Meridian sound system, and this thing hits the high notes like Rick Ross before a show.

Range Rover really killed it with their latest 4×4. It’s got a swagger not many SUVs—let alone cars—can compete with. In the world of cookie-cutter sedans and land carriers that offer no emotional connection, this pint-size Range is as close to a perfect daily driver as you’ll get.


Damage: $60,570

Power: 240hp, 250 lb.-ft.

0-60: 7.1 secs.

Gas Cash: 18 city, 28 hwy

Miles Driven: 450

Interior: Small—however, the fit and finish are what you’d expect of an SUV of this caliber. Add the 825-watt Meridian audio combined with the full glass roof and you have a serious lady-killer.

Exterior: The best-looking off-road vehicle ever to set foot on pavement, the Evoque is something special. So much, in fact, that people gawk at every intersection, and the question asking will not be subdued.

Floss Factor: Whether it’s fast and comfortable highway cruising or jumping back roads (yes, we jumped it), the Evoque is totally compliant on all surfaces.

Flaw Factor: Yeah, it’s tight on space on the inside, but all the pluses make you forget that.

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