2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Where cheap meets speed.

rides cars subaru impreza wrx sti 2011

Story: Michael Crenshaw

Model Tested: Limited

Rating: 6 out of 6

Grip, grip and more grip: That is one thing the 2011 Subaru STI does not lack. There’s so much grip on each corner of the STI, it would give a rubber tree an inferiority complex. With Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the proof is in the pudding, and that pudding is sticky. With every mash of the throttle, the STI plants itself and goes.

And go it does, with the 305hp boxer motor and Subaru SI-DRIVE, making the roads your bitch, allowing you to adjust the power of the motor from mild to wild. But leave it on Sport Sharp—show us how to stunt, kid! Combining that power with the ability to skin the tarmac off a road, you’re gonna need to stop fast when the time comes. Luckily, Brembo supplied brakes that can stop a train.

When it comes to the exterior (which, we admit, is a little “racer that could”), it’s all muscle and brawn. Spoilers, scoops and fenders are big, bold and in your face. If your girl’s parents didn’t care for you before, they’re going to straight up give you the stank eye from now on.

Hop on into the leather buckets, click the gearshift into first, push in that clutch, mash that throttle, release and repeat! ’Cause you ain’t gettin’ any younger, but the cars are getting better, and this STI is one of those gems.


Damage: $39,870

Power: 305hp, 290 lb.-ft.

0-60: 4.9 secs.

Gas Cash: 17 city, 23 hwy

Miles Driven:690

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