2011 Nissan Pathfinder

Tougher than most.

Story: Alex Bernstein:

Model Tested: Silver Edition 4×4

Rating: 5

Looking at the wide range of trucks you can cop in today’s market, there are only a select few that stand out as true utilitarian brawlers that still manage to provide all the necessities you’d expect to find in any modern car. Nissan’s Pathfinder was never an all-out rock crawler—and it still isn’t—but something is definitely different. It’s big, aggressive and strong, and it feels indestructible.

The interior has more room than it looks like, and with the third row folded down, you could probably finagle a futon back there. At speed it doesn’t float around, either; it’s completely stable. Though with all these great qualities come heavyweight scale readings, and a 266hp V6 doesn’t exactly feel like the best option for lugging around your crew. So if you’re feelin’ more ballin’ than broke, you might want to sack up and drop an extra five large for the V8.


Damage: $37,910

Power: 266hp, 288 lb.-ft.

0-60: 7.5 secs.

Gas Cash: 14 city, 20 hwy.

Miles Driven: 380

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