2012 Volvo S60

A spicy Swedish meatball.

Story: Alex Bernstein

Model Tested: T6 AWD

When you hear the name Volvo, you don’t necessarily think of much more than farty old wagons and industry-leading safety standards— which are by no means character flaws—but the new S60 is the start of a renaissance of sorts for the Swedish brand.

Under the aggressive hood, a turbocharged six-cylinder pumps out a hearty 300hp, providing enough grunt to catapult this Swede to 60 in just 5.8 seconds. The brand-new chassis is owed respect for transforming this sedan into, according to the brand, “the most dynamic Volvo ever”—a bold statement. While at times the S60 feels more kitten than tiger, it’s an overall stellar performer. The refined interior paired with state-of-the-art technology offers value in a package that’s hard to find in the entry lux market.

The electronic nannies so often scrutinized for ruining a good car are an attribute to be praised in the S60. Hiding within the front fascia are a slew of sensors that enable you to cruise to work without touching a pedal, utilizing Active Cruise Control.

The new S60 is a surprisingly capable car for the budget-minded businessman who wants to protect his fam and have some fun, too. For a company fighting an economic battle, this is a very, very good move. Checkmate.


Damage: $37,700

Power: $300hp, 325 lb.-ft.

0-60: 5.8 secs.

Gas Cash: 18 city, 26 hwy

Miles Driven: 230

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