2010 Moto Guzzi V7

Up for something two-wheeled and Italian?

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Model Tested: Café Classic

Story: Willie G.

Dig the whole throwback vibe but just can’t stand to be in a box? Moto Guzzi’s V7 Café Classic may be the ticket to that ’70s show you’re trying so hard to broadcast on your block. Fashioned after the famed V7 Sport, the modern-day Café is a light and compact motorcycle perfect for touring or just getting around town. Agile and full of torque, the cycle’s booming V twin is about all the riding music you’ll need when banging through its crisp-shifting, five-speed gearbox as you tear through the streets. Elsewhere on the frame, the modern V7 is no frills and faithful to its ancestor. You already know there’s no need for speakers; as for navi, nothing says throwback like a paper map, right? So what if you’ll never hit a racetrack or the hills of Italy? You’ll at least be able to get some wind beneath that scarf of yours. So get going and make moves, you stupid hipster.


Damage: $8,990

Power: 744cc 90° two-valve twin

Gas Cash: N/A city, N/A hwy

Miles Driven: 100

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