2010 Monster ‘Maro

Full of energy, this 2010 Camaro SS shines with the help of a familiar soft drink.

Custom rides and themes go together like PB&J. It’s a common staple in the custom car world and reader Tanner Dalton of the United States Air Force took his Camaro SS and built it to the nines out of affection for his favorite color: green. With two 12-inch Rockford T2 subs and accompanying Rockford 1500-watt amp in the trunk, 24-inch Verde Allusion wheels, Lambo doors, Phantom billet grille and most accents—painted green based on Moster Energy’s green and black colorway—the Camaro SS doesn’t lack in the visual department. Loving the car scene since day one and able to complement his love with some Monster cues, this Maro shines bright.

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