2006 Chevrolet Impala

Stationed in North Carolina, but representin' Miami.

[Shout-out to Gregory Liggins of Hope Mills, North Carolina, for sending us his ride!]

  • money mike

    this is a piece of SHIT u put them big ass rims on there and it aint even a SS i got a 06 grand prix gxp yeah V8 and all u need is Sum 22’s Staggered ya dig

    • Dollar Wil

      Damn Money Mike, all ya do is gripe about other ppl’s rides on this site…where’s yours? And all you want is 22’s on everything…I have 22s on my daily driver as are some newer stock vehicles, that’s how ordinary 22s are now a days. And a Grand Prix?! …there’s a reason Pontiac no longer exists…

  • G-Money

    Bet you can’t even turn with those rims on, why??? Doesn’t even look good

  • H-Money

    its always someone hatin. that jus mean you doin something right. the impala clean.


    This is waz up i luv it iam a fan of impala’s and They r so monster car’s so don’t let know one tell u tht doee’s not look gud it look dam gud as a impala fan. 4 life {BIGLUV}

  • CCC

    Man take them big cheap ass rims off that FWD idiot at least get a SS

  • Tom Braddy

    Big rims belong on old cars not new school FWD