Chevrolet Impala

Matching 26s keep this Chevy fresh.

rides cars chevy chevrolet impala reader
rides cars chevy chevrolet impala reader
[Shout-out to Shelton Jones of Tampa, Florida for sending us his ride!]

  • Joseph

    Helll yeah ! Thats how we ride down in here in tampa much love for puttin on the 813

  • money mike

    u put 26’s on a stock impala get a SS then do it idiots V8 Florida put big rims on anything 22’s staggered is all u need damn

  • maurice

    man we dont ride 2s no more we sit em too high

  • trap

    she lookin good

  • Wimpy

    Wow! I was thinking about putting rims on my ’11 Impala, but I never thought about these!

  • CCC

    I can say one thing it looks better than them dudes in atlanta ridin around in crown vics