Continental ExtremeContactTM DWS06 Wins Best New Product at SEMA

Looking for an all-season UHP tire? Look no further.

Via Continental:

Continental Tires newest all-season, ultra-high performance (UHP) tire, the ExtremeContactTM DWS06, was named Best New Product in the Tire & Related Product category for 2016 at this year’s Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show. The next generation of the ExtremeContactTM DWS is the tire of choice for drivers seeking true, year-round traction. A tire built for sports cars, luxury sport cars and luxury sport crossovers, it’s a tire that’s made, For What You Do.

“We’re extremely proud to win the Best New Product award for the second year in a row at SEMA,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire. “We’ve maintained excellent snow traction while making improvements in wet traction, dry handling and tread life. This is the ultimate UHP tire that enthusiasts will really enjoy.”

This marks the second year-in-a-row Continental has claimed the Best New Product award in the Tire & Related Product category at SEMA. Continental’s, touring performance, all-season tire, the TrueContactTM, won in 2014.

The ExtremeContactTM DWS06 marks the debut of SportPlusTM Technology. Another one of Continental’s innovative technologies, SportPlusTM Technology is designed for precise handling; security on wet, slippery roads; and excellent tread life. Additionally, all-season traction is enhanced through the use of Traction Grooves and X-Sipes. Traction Grooves improve snow performance through increased pattern edges while X-Sipes improve braking, cornering and acceleration in wet, snow and ice.

Another marquee feature of the ExtremeContactTM DWS06, Continental’s Quick View Indicators, including the Alignment Verification System and Tuned Performance Indicators, which make Continental a number one choice among consumers. Continental’s Alignment Verification System provides an early warning system to drivers alerting them to have the alignment checked on their vehicle. Drivers will also receive an extra measure of confidence with the inclusion of Tuned Performance Indicators. The Dry, Wet and Snow letters in the tread indicate the tire’s optimal performance levels in a variety of driving conditions.

The ExtremeContactTM DWS06 is backed by one of the strongest warranty programs and service contracts in the industry, the new Total Confidence Plan. Under the plan this all-season tire has a 60-day customer satisfaction trial and road hazard coverage (12 months or first 2/32”) as well as a 72-month manufacturer’s limited warranty program. Also included is a 50,000 mile limited mileage warranty and three-year flat tire roadside assistance. The ExtremeContactTM DWS06 comes in 87 sizes from 16” – 22” wheel diameters with a W and Y speed rating.

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