SEMA Highlights: Borla Exhaust For The C7 Corvette

Wanna make your C7 come alive? Borla has got you covered!

Photos: Edmunds
Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Since it’s debut earlier this year, custom renditions of the new C7 Corvette have been hitting the streets at a feverish pace and if this insane baby blue widebody on Forgiatos is any indication, they’ll be plenty more to follow. As we witnessed at SEMA this year, aftermarket companies are stepping up to the plate with products specifically designed for the re-designed Corvette which should ultimately attract others to customize their ‘Vettes. Performance exhaust specialist, Borla, is one of the companies answering the call as they now offer a complete exhaust system for the C7 featuring a valve-actuated exhaust, x-pipe and headers. Check the video below for a little taste of how Borla takes the C7 to the next level!

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