Mister Cartoon X LA Kings Merchandise Collaboration

Last week before the LA Kings vs the Phoenix Coyotes Mister Cartoon unveiled his latest merchandise collaboration with the iconic hockey team the LA Kings.

The merchandise includes T-shirts and hats for all ages with a portion of the proceeds being donated to a non-profit organization called Para Los NiƱos dedicated to helping kinds with education and support at-risk neighborhoods in Los Angeles County.

Along with the branded merchandise, Mister Cartoon airbrushed a goalie mask for Jonathan Quick to be worn in the October 24th game which might have worked as a good luck charm as they beat the Coyotes 7 to 4.

If you would like to check out the LA Kings x Mister Cartoon collection visit teamLAstore or at the Staples Center during the hockey games.

[Shout-Out to Mister Cartoon]

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