Alpine BASSLINE Subwoofers

Alpine's colabo with Far East Movement drops the bass and price with quality subs.

These days it seems no one is satisfied with just one facet of success. Musicians more than any other are looking to capitalize on their talent and name recognition- be it a turn toward acting or a product collaboration with a major company. Most recently hip-hop group Far East Movement joined the likes of Dr. Dre and Chrysler when they collaborated with Alpine on a line of car subwoofers.

The Cali-based group is the first recording artists to collaborate with Alpine and given they are known for their deep bass on tracks it should be no surprise the result of this colabo is a line of subs called BASSLINE. Working closely with Alpine engineers Far East Movement developed a subwoofer capable of bringing the powerful, deep bass of their sound available in 12 and 10-inch 4-ohm models. As much as creating a quality product Far East Movement wanted to create a sub that would bump in the trunk, but also not break the bank. At a relatively modest $149.95 for the 12-inch and $129.95 for the 10-inch they succeeded in bringing the quality sound Alpine is known for at a price that everyone can respect.

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