Ferrari Scuderia Headphones P200 by Logic3

Listen to your your beats baller style with the Ferrari Scuderia P200 Headphones

The Ferrari Scuderia P200 is sporty designed over ear headphones inspired by the Ferrari racing team made by Logic3. Although it does not have the typical street credit as the Beats by DR Dre with their cool swag factor, the P200 accomplishes the task of reaching a more mature audience that is looking for a quality headphone while at the same time making a different type of fashion statement.

Even while they will not fool anyone into thinking that you actually own a Ferrari, the high quality Ferrari Scuderia P200 are beautiful and sporty with their carbon fiber textures and the unmistakably black prancing stallion on a bright yellow emblem over a red or black exterior.  The ear pads make the large design comfortable and tolerable for long periods of use and the sturdy structure clearly shows that it is a high quality piece.

Big sound is produced by their 50mm drivers that generate clear bass along with crisp mid and high notes.  The P200 however is not the best headphones for deep bass from EDM or Hip-Hop as some distortion is heard when played loud, but it literally rocks when playing metal music.

Unlike many other headphones, the P200 utilizes a single 2.5mm cable jack on the left ear where the individual Apple remote, Android remote, or straight cable plugs in.  All three are cables are tangle free pieces and are neatly stored in a pouch located in the center of the beautifully designed carry case that is perfectly molded to the P200 and protects them from damage while in storage.


– Type: Over Ear Headphones

– Apple 3 Button Mic Remote: Yes – On Apple Version

– Detachable Cable: Yes

– Driver Size: 50mm

– Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohms

– Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz

– Distortion THD: 1.5% at 1KHz 1mW

– Speaker Sensitivity: 110dB at 1Khz 1mW

– Cables: 3.5mm to 3.5mm Cable / 1 button & 3 button Apple Cable

– Cable Material: Woven Fabric

– Accessories: 6.3mm Adaptor, Airplane Adaptor

[ Shout-outs to Ferrari by logic3]

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