Auto Meter Custom Gauges Add Flash To Your Dash!

Up your gauge game by going custom.

You can customize pretty much every part of your car’s interior, but messing around with the gauges is usually the last thing you wanna touch. Adding boost gauges and other small dials on the sides is one thing, but customizing the main gauges can be tricky—which is a shame, because you do spend a lot of time staring at them.

But now Auto Meter Custom Gauges is offering a way to change that. They let you build your own dashboard, choosing from dozens of criteria to make a set of gauges that’s very much your own. And even better, they offer an online configurator that lets you play around with combinations as much as you want to. We played around and came up with the options you see in the gallery above, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you’ve made some gauges you like, you can save ’em, share ’em, print ’em out full size to see what they’ll look like, and when you’re satisfied, you can order ’em with a click. It’s a cool way to up your gauge game. Just click here to head to the Auto Meter Custom Gauges website and play around for yourself.

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