Lakewood Evolution Suspension System by Prestolite Performance

With Prestolite's new suspension system, Lakewood Evolution, you can make your Ford Mustang faster and more aggressive on the streets.

The Lakewood Evolution is a bolt-on, adjustable suspension system designed for any late model (2005 – 2013) Ford Mustang and will be released for purchase in early 2013. The Evolution will be available in 3 different packages to meet all needs: Street Performance, High Performance Handling and Premier Competition Handling. The front and rear coilover kits allow for four inches of ride height and increase spring efficiency for optimal handling. The upper and lower rear control arms are designed to give the driver a smoother ride and reduce unwanted noise. The improved torque arm increases down force on the rear tires and the adjustable watts link provides much better control. The entire construction is made of lightweight, high strength steel and is coated to prevent corrosion for a long-lasting life.

To prove Lakewood Evolution’s effectiveness, Prestolite Performance debuted the suspension system on Ford Mustangs at SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas. Scope out the video below for highlights of what this suspension can do.

[Shout-out to Lakewood Evolution!]

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