Well-Rounded Rubber: Toyo Proxes4Plus Tires

Toyo's best ultra-high performance tires for all seasons.

Lookin’ for a tire that’ll keep your high-performance ride pointed in the right direction, no matter what Mother Nature is throwin’ your way? Then Toyo’s new Proxes4Plus tires are just the sort of rubber you need.

The secret to their all-weather success is the multi-wave sipes baked into the tread design. Theese sipes allow more of the tire’s gripping surface to touch the ground no matter whether the road surface is wet or dry. But that’s not all—Toyo’s put plenty of other magic into the Proxes4Plus tires to make them a great buy. A new high-grip silica compound improves both tread life and traction; wide grooves on the inside of the tires help move snow; also, the outside treads’ wide ribs and closed shoulders help the car handle like a champ. If you need new tires and like to drive in all kinds of weather, check ’em out.

Rides well with: Nissan 370Z; Infiniti G37; BMW M3

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