HRE Monoblock P90L Series

New custom rims for your full-size whip.

Usually walking into a high-end dealership and looking at a big luxury sedan or SUV instead of a sports coupe would imply two things; you’ve hit it big and the baby seat still needs to fit in the backseat. While most would look at it as the end to driving noticeable rides and a bland future of rolling on stock wheels, the guys at HRE wheels have a different view on things.

With the recent release of HRE’s new line of forged Monoblok wheels specifically built for luxury sedans and SUV’s makes buying wheels to personalize your matured ride as easy as swapping wheels, literally. Machined from blocks of 6061-T6 aluminum, you can choose from the three available styles, P90L mesh, P93L multi-spoke, and P95L five-spoke. Offered in 20, 21 and 22-inch diameters with widths ranging from 9 to 12 inches means you have a wide variety to choose from when shopping for the right set, and since HRE goes the extra mile with model-specific information or custom sizing, they will make sure you have the proper sizes and offsets to fill out the wheel-wells on your ride. Custom finishes are offered in brushed aluminum, polished, clear coat or powder coat, so you can kick stock silver wheels to the curb, unless that’s your style of course.

Since the Monoblok line is designed specifically for the plus-sized car market and forged from aluminum, the P90L wheels are up to the task of carrying your hefty ride around without buckling under the weight. [Shout-out to HRE!]

Press Blast:

Building a Bigger Monoblok™:
HRE Releases New P90L Forged Line For Luxury Sedans & SUVs

HRE’s new line of forged Monoblok wheels brings a renewed sense of world-class design, performance-inspired engineering and exclusivity to the super-sedan and SUV markets.

San Diego, Calif. (May 17, 2011) – The craftsmen in Stuttgart, Ingolstadt, Crewe and Coventry have proven that sedans and SUVs are no longer simple transportation tools, they can be full-blown supercars with the engineering and opulence to rival most jets and private yachts. They are also becoming commonplace – which is why HRE Performance Wheels has added three completely new designs to its Monoblok line engineered specifically for larger vehicles. The P90L line is designed to deliver maximum performance for high-power sedans and SUVs, while providing a stunning performance-driven look that sets any vehicle apart from the crowd.

The new P90L Series is available as the P90L mesh, P93L multi-spoke and P95L five-spoke in 20, 21 and 22-inch diameters with widths ranging from 9 to 12 inches and a wide variety of custom offsets. Every wheel starts as a single block of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum, forged to German TUV standards in California, then machined into its final shape at HRE’s cutting-edge 60,000 sq. ft. facility in San Diego. All three new designs are specifically designed to handle the higher strength and rigidity requirements of the latest super-sedans and SUVs.

Driving enthusiasts that appreciate high-power sedans and exclusive European style will enjoy HRE’s concierge level service – every set of P90L wheels is custom made to order, with exact model-specific sizing information down to the millimeter for perfect fitment, and dozens of custom finish options available from brushed and polished to clear coat, powder coat and more. Every set is unique and adds a level of refinement and individuality to your vehicle unlike anything else on the market.

European customers may also order P90L series wheels through HRE’s newest division – HRE GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany, and the company invites all customers to sample its new interactive web experience at

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