Want A Cleaner Engine? Just Add Gunk

Keeping dirt and grime off your motor.

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Anyone who’s ever popped a hood knows that engines get nasty. Grime and dirt builds up every mile you drive, and the more you drive your car, the uglier things can become under there.

Luckily, there’s plenty of good ways to keep things clean, and the gang at Gunk has come up with a new one that should make maintain your engine’s shine even easier. Choose from three levels of cleaning power—Foamy Engine Cleaner (regular), Original Engine Degreaser (strong) and Heavy Duty Gel Degreaser (extra-strong)—then once you’re done, slap on a layer of Engine Protector that’ll help keep future crud from building up. They even offer a handy “Gunk Gauge” to help you determine just which strength product you need to make your engine as clean as your ride. [Shout-out to Gunk!]

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