GE DV1 HD Camcorder

This little camcorder pleases our eyes and budget.

RIDES Cars GE DV1 Camcorder

Story: David Meierfeld

The days of VHS and heavy over-the-shoulder cameras are long gone, but memories and outtakes from our daily lives are always happening, and to capture these moments there’s the GE DV1 HD camera. In a segment cluttered with HD camcorders, the DV1 is able to hold its own by offering the most bang for your buck.

Reasonably priced at $129 the DV1 gives you the quality you would expect from any GE product. Playing host to features such as 1080P resolution, waterproof, shockproof, face detection and image stabilization the DV1 is up for whatever you throw at it. Its 2.5″ LCD screen makes reviewing movies easy on the eyes, while its built-in USB uploads videos instantly to YouTube for Internet rubberneckers to enjoy. For the more private video screenings the DV1 is HDMI output capable so you (and your nosy neighbors) can watch it on the big screen. And where old camcorders of the past left off, the DV1 picks up the slack in function and form.