Hearing Aids: The Quincy Jones Signature Line

Musical master Quincy Jones gets together with AKG to produce his newest beat makers.

By: David Meierfeld

When it comes to music, everyone has different tastes. Whether it’s rock, rap, house or classical, whatever the choice may be, you won’t get the most from your favorite tunes without the right equipment. Which is why music producer Quincy Jones teamed up with headphone company AKG to bring you the Quincy Jones Signature Line. With 27 Grammys under his belt, his musical prowess cannot be questioned. We sat down with all three models of the Quincy Jones Signature Line and broke down the pluses and minuses of this trio to find out what the perfect scenario for these concert-bound pieces are.

A bonus feature for the audiophile on the go is the inline remote with a built-in microphone, available on the Q350 and Q460 models. The compact controller allows you to switch between songs, adjust volume and receive calls on your iPhone without having to reach into your pocket. All models are available in a mild to wild color option; black, white or lime green add a touch of personality from the typical color choices offered with other headsets.

Compact in size, these in-ear headphones are anything but when it comes to the sound they produce. Although not as deep in bass as the Q460s or crystal clear like the Q701s, the Q350s will hold their own amid the in-ear bud headphone arena. Keeping sound quality and comfort in mind, the Q350s include silicone sleeves to fit individual ear sizes keeping them snug. Matching them with your iPod for a jog or gym session would make these headphones two peas in a pod (pun intended). What may be a reservation for some will be the price tag. Retailing at $99 could be the deciding factor of how much you like or love music.

The Q460 headphones are the preferred model of this group. Interchangeable to any genres or listeners who enjoy deep, full bass and theatre-like sound, giving any track a rich tone. Though vocals are not the focal point, you discover new depth to your music that is lost with cheaper headsets. Whether watching videos on YouTube or playing the latest single there are no tasks the Q460s aren’t up to. The plush foam padding hugs your ears and head making them almost unnoticed when in use, while keeping ambient noise from your music. You will be hard pressed to find a pair of headphones that are flexible to any type of music or video you throw at it, while still offering a cloud like comfort.

Everything about the Q701s are big; the sound, the earphones, even the eight-foot long wire. As if the lime green color option wasn’t enough to get you noticed, these headphones will practically engulf your head with massive 4” ear cups that let people know you are entranced by the music. The felt insulation conforms to your head leaving you with toasty warm ears; unfortunately the washboard like padding lining the headband can eventually rub your scalp raw. Amongst a surplus of high and mid-tones with little distortion you still need to drive them hard in order to get the most of Q701s potential. Nevertheless in the end they leave you wanting more in the bass department with thin to non-existent lows. Stylish for anyone who is into the 80s earmuff look, the Q701s are more at home in a recording studio or DJ booth where instrumentals and tones are a top priority.

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