Bracketron Apple iPad Mounts

Turn your fresh touchscreen tablet into a back-seat TV.

Apple’s iPad is certainly one of the sickest products to hit the street in recent years, but holding up that slab of glass and metal for a long period of time can leave your arms feeling like jelly—and if you use it in the car, keeping it in your lap can give anyone a nasty case of motion sickness. So what do you do? Plop down in back and strap your pad to the headrest.

With Bracketron’s mount, your iPad stays right in your eye line, and you only have to lift a finger when you want to change the movie you’re watching. The company hasn’t announced pricing yet, but their other automotive mounts for iPhones and Blackberrys tend to be in the $20-$30 range, so even considering the iPad’s larger size, we’d guess the big mount will go for less than $50. Check out for more information; they’ll have a booth at SEMA, so we’ll try and play around with one if we have the time when we’re there.

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