Dyson DC31

It sucks. (In a good way)

Look, there’s still time to upgrade/amend that Christmas wish-list. In case you’ve snooped through your boo’s stash for you and seen a handheld car-vac, good for you – but if it ain’t the Dyson DC31, you may want to persuade him or her to take it back.

With its dual-power mode, the DC31 provides 10 minutes of high constant suction, or 6 minutes of super-duty vacuuming at 70% higher suction. While that may not sound like much, it’s safe to bet it’s enough to make your interior stop sucking, with no quarters.

To top it off, as with all Dyson handhelds, the DC31 is bagless, so you’ll never need to re-up on parts to keep it doing its job. So drop the hint quick – or make sure you get a gift receipt.

MSRP: $219.00

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