Put your rims and ride in the spotlight.

So you’ve spent your hard-earned pennies on that brand-new set of rims, and damn do they look good each cut, spoke or rivet detailed to stand out. No matter how hard you polish ’em, though, once the sun goes down, it’s not gonna shine.Motionlite addresses this problem by lighting up your wheels with their wheel illumination system. Each wheel gets a separate LED light mounted on a 6-inch retracting head, which sits in the wheel well. Hit the button on the supplied key fob, and the lights extend out to showcase each rim in seven different colors solid, pulsing or as a strobe. The kit is universal, so no matter what you’re running, each wheel is bathed in color, whether you’re stopped with your crew or rolling down the freeway. And at $495, it’s certainly cheaper than having your own lighting crew.

13 Responses to “Motionlite”

    • j-dub

      look on ebay for led wheel well lighting kits…same devices cheaper prices

  1. robert fields

    dayyyyyuuuuummmm! thats nice i 2 would love to advertise 4 you too i don’t think no one here n north carolina has this 4 me to start this here yooooo!!! my ride would b tight as hell if u can send me a brochure that would nice and turn customers on to this hot style!! thanks!!

  2. don jones

    perfect for certain ethnicities, I say what a waste of money. Now you’ll see $4000 rims and $500 lighting on a $1500 car.

  3. Kimberly Hardrick

    86 Chevy caprise white 4 door for sell
    Starting price $1,000
    Kimberly 1(312)388-7329

  4. Dave O

    That is out the park right there but i’m wit Bigg Hice that activates the haterz and them boyz in blue will love you for that instant pull over off top

  5. R!ch!e

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Ineed dis $hit 4 my 96′ Impala.
    It would look fuck!ng cool


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