December/January 2010

  • bo

    this is bo costello and i would like to talk to someone about the yello camaro i have one allrady but i would like to put a kit on it pleas call me back @ 832 754 0621 ty.

    • Krystal

      Bo, do you know how I can get a copy of this issue with the yellow camaro on it?

      thank you


  • Guap-A-Holic414

    mayb u should buy da magazine…dey have a section on mods 4 da new maro’s in da mag…frum brake upgrades to hoods to stretchin em 2 body kits….

  • estrada

    it looks like 2010 ss owner wont be able to put a z/28 frount clip untell chevy release that part. witch suck cuz that z/28 frount clip is way moe sauseer.

  • Marcelo

    Where i can find Oct├ívio “Topo” Villafana ??? Endress and phone , please…

    • robert

      hello Marcelo this is Robert from T&S designs with topo give me a call @ 323-244-9142

  • lambo_boi09

    maybe you guys should learn some grammar… just sayin, but anyways, you could check out and pretty much any other body kit site… also, asanti has a widebody for it, and if im not mistaken, forgiato has one too….


    The Asanti and Forgiato widebody’s that you see are actually all Topo creations.

    He has done Chargers, Challengers, etc for SEMA. Haven’t seen a widebody kit out there, but Extreme Dimensions has a 8 piece or so kit thats very nice.

    • Krystal

      Hi ANYONE!!!!! I need to know where I can get a copy of the DEC/JAN issue with the yellow camaro on it? Please help.

      thank you,