Spare Change

[VIDEO] Resident RIDES Rapper Homeboy Sandman learns to fix a flat.

Homeboy Sandman Changes a Tire (Rides Magazine Exclusive) directed by P.SO the Earth Tone King from P.SO (P.CASSO) on Vimeo.

  • This is the best footage of Homeboy Sandman EVER MADE! This cat can rhyme about anything, he’s crazy talented.. With rhymes spilling out of his pores..

  • Ang

    Homeboy Sandman can change my tire anyday…his wit will forever amaze me…

  • michelle

    hahahahaha very creative 😀 I ought to make a song about me making breakfast or something…

  • SmoothBreak

    After that Tokyo Drift and invasive tactic I wonder what a Boy Sand’s version of Knight Rider would look like. LOL Homeboy Sandman is always up to something creative and lyrical.Humor, a common situation, and rhymes. Genius! If you haven’t seen this dude perform. Put it on your TO DO list. He’s an incredible performer.

  • lol … true talk on changing tires … Homeboy Sandman is crazy witty!

  • Amanda

    Number one Reason why I love Homeboy Sandman: He is never afraid to be himself. Sun was wildin’ out in this video. Riding a turtle?! Running through the playground, making it under those poles, and sliding upside down are difficult tasks for a 6’5″ dude, but he made it work. This is the funniest footage of him I’ve seen thus far. Second Reason why I love BoySand: He can DOPELLY Rhyme about anything.

  • Janelle Renee

    Fantastic video by HBSM and P.So. Everyone knows HBSM can rhyme his arse off… but what else? HE CAN DANCE, lmao, which is my favorite part… dancing with a donut. Dancing with the little girls on the playground. Righty tighty and peace, goodnighty…kudos.

  • erica

    this is ill, once again homeboy proofs why is still my emcee hero. And he is funny… did great with the footage. two dudes that are genius i will always show love too.

  • never a dull performance. hilarious

  • blackgoosegossage

    Lefty lucy like we burnin a loosey—got em. sandman might need the miata stretch edition. big ups to rides mag for finding a proper spokesperson, and respect to p.casso for the editing. yeee!

  • JFish

    Dope! They should use this video in all of the drivers’ ed classes around the nation. Someone at Rides should really shop this around.

    This is a really good lesson. I would hate to be stuck on the freeway out here in LA without being able to change a tire. 😉

    P.S. You should take off the top off of that Miata and watch the road over the top of the windshield.

  • This is creative and different. Keep up the liveness.

  • Niles

    This is what you call distinguished. Very impressive.