Vellano VTJ

To the discerning customer, who has that eye for both quality and originality, Vellano Wheels is probably a familiar name. Now, for all y’all other cats that just follow whatever is “hot” at the moment, well, you’re about to get some knowledge dropped on your dome. Vellano Wheels was born from a simple philosophy: If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. And in 13 years of business, they’ve rarely gotten it wrong.

Recognizing the staleness within the aftermarket wheel game, Vellano set out to change the rules, with innovative new designs and a knack for quality rarely found elsewhere. Their brand-new VTJ wheel—one of five newly released designs—follows this same philosophy. All Vellano wheels are constructed from aircraft-grade, T6 aluminum and are assembled as a three-piece design to ensure the strongest possible construction. And while most manufacturers outsource their production to far-off places, such as Asia, each one of Vellano’s wheels are made in their Southern California headquarters, making for shorter waiting times and better management of quality control. Vellano offers a variety of different sizes on all of their wheels, ranging from 19s all the way up to 26s, with customizable lips as well. So if you’re ready to stop following trends and start setting them, Vellano Wheels is waiting for you to call up and get fitted.