Ruff Racing R941

Ever love a set of kicks so much that you bought them in every single color, just so you could rock ’em every day? Well, that type of behavior may be all well and good in the land of clothes and shoes, but few of us have the stacks to buy our favorite set of wheels five times over. Fortunately, Ruff Racing is ready to help out all you non-ballers through the rollout of their brand-new Lip Lock technology, which features the first fully removable plastic lip. Sure, you’ve seen interchangeable color pieces for wheels before, but Ruff Racing wanted to take it a step further by offering an entire replaceable lip rather than just a bezel. The end result is an affordable option that allows customers to completely customize a wheel to their own tastes. From logos to different patterns and colors, the options are limitless. Lip Lock technology even works with staggered fitments and deep-dish wheels, perfect for those who are looking for a little extra swag. Just think of it as one more accessory you can color-match to your outfit, minus the expensive price tag. – STAN WU