Farmed Out

Tyrone's Lincoln LT took the accelerated path from field worker to regional manager.

When you dwell in a quaint, country town where the population doesn’t click over 3K, you get bored. And if you’re stuck in said environment with some money to burn, you’ll probably end up dumping it into your ride. Such is the case with Tyrone, the owner of this Lincoln LT, who copped the truck for one reason and one reason only: to stunt. Already a loyal customer of Kent’s Automotive in Waycross, GA (y’all might remember Tyrone’s Cutlass from How We Roll: Valdosta)…

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  • Kuntry Kool

    wut can of panit is dat do have a number to Kent’s shop i stay in albany ga

  • God’s hi roller

    This shop only caters to dopeboys. Now i do not care for anyone’s elses business, but when i pay my money i want good work also. I had to take my car back over ten times and still they could not get it right. I paid over 8,400 for paint, interior and engine and still having problems. Instead of the owner giving my money back he said the car must be possessed. Even after i showed him pictures of the oil and transmission leaks. He told me hisself that his guys busted my transmission lines moving the car. When i picked up the car it was filthy and trim pieces were missing and now my winshield leaks on the passenger side. The hood does not close all the way and there is a loud knock in the rear of the car. Instead of fixing the leaks they just put a lot of JB Weld on them, now the car has no oil or transmission fluid and will not go in reverse.I have reported this shop to the Better Business Bureau of Georgia and the owner refused to answer their letters. So now i am waiting on my lawyer from the ASA nd the GEorgia Governor’s office to send me the paperwork i need to finish mt claim against them. So beware of this shop if you are a hard working person, Christian wanting something nice, you will receive bias work.

  • CountryGirl14

    I’m sorry to hear your trouble God’s hi roller, but i took my 73 Chevy impala, and they Kent’s Automotive did an excellent job on my ride, i got the paint, rims and graphics done beautifully. I would really recommend anyone to take their ride there for the hook up…