Enter Sandman

RIDES teaches Homeboy Sandman how to whip a stick. Click here for the audio + VIDEO


  • “Then It Stalled Again, THen It Stalled Again, Then it Stalled again and then Stalled the ammount that I said Times Ten…”


    Yo Catch Homeboy Sandman on Tour comming to a city near you…


  • Dopeeeeeeeee

  • LOLOL – that is how u drive a stick shift – Boy De La Croix never disappoints

    and he is going on tour- check the website…

  • LOLOL – Sandman on driving stick! -> Boy De La Croix never disappoints

    He’s going on tour- peep the website

  • Amanda

    What can I say? Homeboy Sandman never ceases to amaze me! “The power windows work without the power on. Groovy!” “…I promise it’ll be worth it. Cuz then I could practice, and practice makes perfect.” Boy Sand is ingenius. Then he hit us off with the freestyle at the end, as well as a vamp, making sure to cater to all audiences. HBSM is so generous. Moreover, he managed to give us all of that in about 3 mins. There is just no denying it- Homeboy Sandman is in a leage all is own! I hope he makes music forever!

  • He’s a homeboy!, he’s your homeboy but most importantly he’s my homeboy! 🙂 …he’s HOMEBOY SANDMAN! big congratz to him the article is sensational im so so proud of you man! no where else to go but up babe and thats where your headed at “lighting bolt” speed hehe…

  • Amanda

    Ahh. Homeboy Sandman. What can I say? He is just ingenius! “The three was a beauty/The power windows work without the power on. Groovy.” Love it. “So, Mazda please give me a three, I promise it’ll be worth it/Cuz then I could practice, and practice makes perfect.” Dope. Check how he gave us a written piece, a freestyle and a vamp in less than three minutes. Oh. How wonderfully generous he is, catering to all audiences. I hope HBSM makes music forever!

    Imma pick up ten copies and hand ’em out in the streets.

  • David

    The is great — it leaked last week, and it’s hilarious. Sandman + PSO = always fresh.

  • Natatatat

    Thank you for posting this! Homeboy Sandman is dopeeeeeee……. definitely a fresh addition to the hip hop scene in NYC

  • Janelle Renee

    Lightning Bolts, NY Mets, Stick shifts… all Homeboy Sandman topics of hit records. Diversity of subjects is a rare entity. Keep it up.

  • erkparle

    hahahaha…straight comedy and crazy fresh. this joint is tuff.

  • I think Homeboy Sandman’s learning how to drive a stick is a direct result of the metro fare increase. I call shotgun!

  • C.Clear

    This is you never ceasing to amaze me! The lyrics always but your like a mad scientist on the gratuitous marketing ploys man…smile. I am a fan taking notes like a student! Keep doing big things sir, but at the pace your going very few will be ready for you when you actually take off in the sight of everyone..I’m lovin it!

  • Jenna

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  • At this point no one can tell me this man isn’t one of the best up and coming MC’s around POINT BLANK PERIOD. For God sakes IT’S A TRACK ABOUT LEARNING TO DRIVE STICK SHIFT! I heard this guy say this one time and it summed things up, so I’m gonna say it again ” HOMEBOYSANDMAN SPELLED BACKWARDS IS HIP HOP !”

    http://www.deezumusic.com coming soon!

  • Erica(from the lonestar state)

    to no surprise homeboy still rising to the top.
    visit http://www.homeboysandman.com or http://www.myspace.com/homeboysandman.com
    for a city near you…his performances are something you don’t wanna miss

    still my emcee hero

  • Homeboy Sandman can rap about anything anytime anywhere.. thats a fact.. dont get it twisted hes the man!

  • This is dope, nice to see Homeboy Sandman doing he thing,
    also nice to see him rocking the jabjab gold foil bear logo t-shirt.