Vossen VF-063

THESE DAYS, TRYING TO FIND THE RIGHT SET OF WHEELS FOR YOUR CAR IS LIKE TRYING TO MATCH YOUR KICKS TO YOURman-scarf. With so many similar styles and options, finding just the right ones can turn into a huge headache.Luckily, Vossen Wheels has a solution that might help your whip’s wardrobe. Recognizing that customersusually look for something different and unique, Vossen sprung onto the scene with fresh, new designs thatimmediately stood apart from the crowd. And though they started from humble beginnings, the newcomer ofa company has grown quickly and is now looking to expand their product line beyond one-piece wheels.As a part of their new, premier forged line, the VF-063 represents Vossen’s attempt at cornering the high-end wheel market. The expanded repertoire utilizes both forging technology and three-piece designs to notonly provide customers with stronger wheels but deliver more customizable options as well. Committed tothe individuality of its buyers, Vossen works with every patron to ensure that all their wants and needs arefulfilled. So unlike that pair of Dunks you wish matched your gear a little closer, whether it’s lip size or color,Vossen can make sure you hit the pavement properly. STAN WU