Wide-Open Range

This custom Rover Coupe may be fresh, but it'd only a taste of what LSE has cooking up.

LSE isn’t a tuning┬ácompany. They don’t modify Range Rovers. They don’t outfit them with aftermarket parts. They make the Range Rover Sport Coupe. They’re even registering to be considered a manufacturer – crash testing included. Every body panel is new, replaced by parts they’ve stamped with their own presses. As the name suggests, the RRS Coupe is the two-door version Range Rover should have built…

To read more, pick up the December/January ’09 issue of RIDES, on sale now!

  • Rob

    It take a car that is already a cross between ruggid and classy and steps it up even more. Amazing!!

  • Peter

    This vehicle is incredible. I never expected something quite like this from Land Rover. I have been looking around for the perfect BMW 5-series but after seeing a vehicle like this one it tells me I should always keep my eyes open to new ideas.