Lorinser FOR6

Lorinser took their LM6 wheel, which was already an aggressive-looking piece of metal, and added some razor’s-edge styling that makes “a hot knife through butter” seem an appropriate statement. Lorinser used the LM6 as inspiration, dropped a spoke and contoured the rest of the spokes more aggressively. The end result: the FOR6, a turbine-inspired, wind-slicin’ beast that will make your CLS and SL Mercedes look more like an SLR.

The FOR6 is Lorinser’s first crack at making a three-piece wheel. Whereas the rest of Lorinser wheels are all cast, this three-piece offers superior strength and greater resistance to damaging the whole rim, since you can replace the section that is damaged. Since Forgiato does the pressing and distribution of the rims, you can get any assortment of colors and finishes to set your Mercedes off.

Now, the Lorinser FOR6s aren’t cheap, with prices starting at $1,500 per rim, but neither is your Mercedes. So know your roll and make your investment worth it by adding some sharp styling. And yeah, that pun’s intended. MICHAEL CRENSHAW