Iron Chef

Cooking up the perfect VIP Q45

Agi Jones has different tastes than most. Born with an eye for automotive style, the Queens, New York, resident just wasn’t impressed by the same old fast-fool menu of 3 Series, S-Classes and G35s running around his hood. Looking to clash more than blend in, he stumbled across VIP culture through the Internet and magazines. Realizing that nobody around had truly adopted or embraced the style, he knew it was his ticket to break out like salmonella…

For more, pick up the September 2008 issue of RIDES, on sale now!

  • Pictures do not do this car just, absolutely a work of art and defining what it is to be VIP. Great Job and congratulations Agi

  • AGI!!! Congrats… You deserve it. Now stop selling the Agi Jones thongs on ebay with the face picture on the arse, it’s scary looking.

  • Congrats Agim!!!

  • Congrats Agim! Your vision for the Q turned out to be a one of a kind masterpiece! The recognition is well deserved!!!

  • Iron Chef – definitely an adequate name to call Agi… he has definitely took on the VIP (Bippu) culture and created a work of art.

    Car is amazing… Great Work Agi… keep up imagination brewing… Feature is Well Deserved… Thanks for Representing the East Coast with a Boldly Done up VIP Q45 – Presidentley.

  • VIP45

    Slammed Big Body unbelievable setup, If i ruled the world i push a q45 infinit the sky is the limit, jones u took that to heart and created a monster. VIP to the extreme

  • Fabian Butler

    What is the color of your car?

  • ape

    this is insane. plain and simple. he needs to make a few more of these n sell em. id give him 90 for one easy. i think the offset in the back a little bulky but other than that it goes way harder than any lux out there right now. i wonder if agi could do somethin with my 78 granada. i need a conversion for it. any ideas?



  • edson

    My man Agim Jones! doing it all as always , do it all is now on the cover.

    balliandooo!! good times in that car man. You deserve it Sir.

    Is just tooo sweeett!

  • Your an Icon a Living Idol.
    Congrats !!!

  • Don Juan

    This is art man, i havent seen anything coming close to this in a while i’d like to see some before and after shots

  • AGI

    Thanks guys. Too see more pics of the car in its earlier stages, check out my myspace

    More work is getting done, it should look totally different for 09

    • Anthony

      Hey Agi,

      My buddy and I both own 2002 Q45’s here in california, we have dome minor mods and are looking for companies that supply VIP accessories, please save us some heartache and hook us up with your connects.


  • nyARISTO

    hard work pay’s off bro!! Congratz on the Cover!! keep it up

  • Flavio

    Good work! I like your creation, but I got a cuastion. I’m looking for the same wheels, but I can’t find them. Can you help?