MOZ Sapphire

Like most games, capturing the attention of the opposite sex is a pursuit that requires not only natural finesse but the right equipment. And when your main piece of bait is your ride, you better make sure it’s up to spec—from head to toe. Dedicated to your personal satisfaction both on and off the road, MÖZ is out to make sure you look trophy worthy and hook somebody deserving enough to ride shotgun.

Whether you keep ’em or throw ’em back, that’s your call.
Each set of MÖZ’s highly engineered wheels can be extensively personalized to your individual tastes and style. So no matter if you’re a smooth Casanova or an over-the-top Don Juan, the abundance of available custom colors, finishes and lips will ensure your ride is unique in the most neck-snapping, jaw-dropping of ways. Choose any combination of chrome, brushed satin or multicolor pinstriping on their luscious lips—the result is an undeniable step up in your whip appeal. On top of aesthetics, MÖZ’s two-piece construction, composed of a forged aluminum center and rugged barrel, works to reduce the risk of tire leaks, so you won’t end up looking like a fool calling AAA.

Available in sizes from 19 right on up to 30 inches, the MÖZ Sapphire is the perfect way to step up your shoe game, no matter what you’re trying to score. Of course, you need to make sure the rest of your outfit’s on point as well, but when it comes to scoring like a pro, any player will tell you: It’s gotta be the shoes!